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Today, more than ever, many people report having neglected their mental health needs, either due to lack of access to suitable and affordable programs or not knowing where to go for support and services.

The pandemic and the resulting economic and social impact, also negatively affected millions of people while creating more barriers for those already suffering from mental health issues.

At Coaching & Emotional Support, we are bridging the gap! We are helping people find support by connecting them with qualified therapists, coaches, mentors, counselors, and psychologists on our one-stop global platform.

Our goal is to make mental health and emotional support available, accessible, and affordable to all. Through collaborations with like-minded partners and organizations, we strive to create even greater impact. We intent to integrating top level technologies such as blockchain for decentralization and to strengthen our operations and mental healthcare provision. We are open to anyone interested in working with us to advance this vision.

Whether you are a therapist, coach or mentor interested in providing support, or someone in need of emotional or other mental healthcare services, we are here for you.

Thank you for stopping by!

Lucy Adhiambo (Psychologist) – Founder

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