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Welcome to our mental health, mentorship and coaching platform!

The purpose of our platform is to connect mentors, counselors, therapist and coaches to clients experiencing difficulties accessing emotional or other supportive programs. We recognize that many people struggle alone even after intensive treatments. We strive to bridge the gap by listing qualified professionals focusing on families, relationships, conflict resolution, interracial & migration challenges, addiction, anxiety, worry, parenting, peer pressure, career or business. Our hope is that emotional support will be accessible and affordable to everyone, anywhere in the world!

The professionals skills and expertise in both the community and corporate world are impressive, with experiences accumulating to years of good ethical practice. We believe in high standards and seek to have a positive influence on the society. The professionals are from different countries and serve a global audience.

Our platform won: The Share Our Strength (SOS) and the Highest Human Impact Award as a remote solution to the negative impact of the Covid-19, sponsored by the Cryptochicks Organization and Ethereum Foundation. We strive to be an all-inclusive platform!

We wish you an enriching experience as you receive or give support from this platform! 

Thank you! – Team Coaching & Emotional Support Platform!

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